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Unlike most of the offices currently available for lease, we offer both long-term and short-term leases. Located on prestigious address in a Class A office building, our offices feature modern and ergonomically designed workspace that is ready to move into and get going in a flash. Each offSpace office suite is fully furnished, individually lockable with access to meeting rooms and support services on a pay-per-use basis. Our café area and lounge areas provide the perfect place to take a break, catch up with international and local news or have a cup of coffee.

Prestigious physical address
# Cl. Pl. Monthly Order
C 2 EUR 544 (EUR 680)
Office 2 C 2 EUR 501 (EUR 626)
Office 3 C 2 EUR 544 (EUR 680)
Office 4 B 3 EUR 715 (EUR 894)
Office 5 B 2 EUR 587 (EUR 734)
Office 6 B 2 EUR 629 (EUR 786)
C 2 EUR 515 (EUR 644)
Office 8 B 2 EUR 571 (EUR 714)
Office 9 B 2 EUR 615 (EUR 769)
Office 10 A 2 EUR 515 (EUR 644)
Office 11 A 2 EUR 658 (EUR 823)
Office 12 B 2 EUR 572 (EUR 715)
Office 13 B 2 EUR 615 (EUR 769)
B 3 EUR 801 (EUR 1,001)
B 2 EUR 601 (EUR 751)
Office 16 B 3 EUR 801 (EUR 1,001)
B 2 EUR 615 (EUR 769)
A 20 EUR 1,453 (EUR 1,816)
C 4 EUR 787 (EUR 984)

One-time setup fee for all offices applies: EUR 209 (EUR 261 inc. VAT). All prices are w/o VAT. Prices in brackets includes VAT 25%.

Prestigious location

The offices are situated at a prestigious location on the 6th floor of the VMD Business Center within the Radnička/Vukovarska Street business zone.

Prestigious physical address

When your visitors arrive, they will be received by our receptionist and sent to your office.

Telephone and fax lines

When you lease an office, you will be provided with a separate telephone number for voice services and a separate number for the fax machine. The lease is exclusive of the telephone costs, which are charged according to the applicable HT’S rates.

Free Internet connection

Each office has a free Internet connection with unlimited traffic.


Each office is equipped with 2-3 desks with drawers, the appropriate chairs, chairs for the visitors and a low filing cabinet.


Each office contains a multifunctional printing, photocopying and faxing device. At your initial lease, you will be provided with a full toner that needs to be replaced at departure. The use of the devices is free of charge.

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