What is offSpace

offSpace is a set of services for small and medium-sized companies or businesses that help the company achieve great savings and exceedingly increase its own effectiveness. Using our services it is possible to reduce the number of employees while improving the company's service and increasing professional reputation at the same time.

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From our users

  • The set up of the office is great. Everything is already set up for imediate use, eg. phone lines, internet, even a secretary. My business was up and running within half an hour. What I like most is that I don't have to be available to accept deliveries - the receptionist does that. And even the rest rooms are great, clean, hygenic and smelling nice.

    Tomislav Crnkovic, CEO
    Smee d.o.o.
  • offSpace offices are of a superior standard with staff of indisputable professionalism. It has great technical infrastructure and a futuristic interior design. The conference rooms that cater for meetings with high or low volume are only part of the well organized bidding that creates it's high-quality working conditions.

    Jasenka Kennedy
    Ahead Media Beratungs d.o.o.
  • We are very satisfied with renting meeting rooms in offSpace. We have reduced the cost of an ongoing fixed monthly rental expense by doing flexible operations in a representative area. They are fully equipped for the needs of meetings and the staff is very kind. Reservation system is simple and fast, and at the same time it is cost effective.

    Tomislav Gavazzi, CEO
    Infoarena d.o.o.